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SATCOM on-the-move with Viasat Ku-band terminals

Reliable Ku-band SATCOM communications you can count on 


Over 700 Ku-band terminals in the air, powering mission-critical flights around the world

Viasat has a strong history of outfitting a wide variety of aircraft with industry-leading Ku-band terminals. 接受全动态, 超视距高清视频, 打电话, 进行视频会议, 访问机密网络, and perform mission-critical communications while in flight. With over thousands of flight hours logged, these terminals have powered a variety of missions, 包括:

  • Enroute command and control (C2) and VIP transport communications
  • Real-time ISR with HD full-motion video streaming from the aircraft in theater to command authorities beyond the horizon
  • Search and rescue (SAR) missions for live “eye-in-the-sky” support
  • 边境保护和巡逻


探索Viasat ku波段终端

Product image of a Viasat VMT-1220LA Ku-band antenna
车辆行驶里程- 1220拉

The Viasat Mobile 终端 1220 for light aircraft (VMT-1220LA) is a complete airborne satellite terminal with an ultra small 12 in. antenna and lightweight equipment delivering broadband IP communications-on-the-move. The terminal has logged hundreds of thousands of flight hours on deployed government aircraft such as the King Air, PC-12, 德·哈维兰和大篷车.

Product image of a Viasat 车辆行驶里程- 1220嗯 Ku-band satellite antenna
车辆行驶里程- 1220嗯

For simple installation and rapid integration, the Viasat Mobile 终端 - 1220 Hatch Mount (VMT-1220HM) features a roll-on/roll-off design. The terminal can be quickly installed into a C-130 escape hatch while retaining use as an 紧急出口.

Product image of a Viasat VMT-1220HE Ku satcom terminal

With the Viasat Mobile 终端 1220HE (VMT-1220HE) and Viasat’s mobile broadband (Ku) service, 直升机操作员可以直播, 全动态高清视频, 进行职业训练局, 访问机密网络, and perform mission-critical communications while in flight.

Product image of a Viasat VMT-1820LA Ku-band terminal
车辆行驶里程- 1820拉

The Viasat Mobile 终端 1820 (VMT-1820) is a complete airborne satellite communication terminal with an 18 in. Ku-band antenna and lightweight equipment delivering high data rates for mobile applications.

Which Ku terminal is right for your mission?

Viasat Ku-band terminals are comprised of a small Ku-band antenna, modem, and an antenna control unit integrated into the existing aircraft’s cabin network. With Ku-band satellite antennas as small as 12 inches and total shipset weight of around 35 pounds, these Ku systems are designed for easy roll-on/roll-off or fixed installation on a wide variety of airborne platforms. 







VMT - 1220 la

抛物线; tail or fuselage mount

12 in.; 30.5 cm

46.5 lb.; 21.1 kg

480 W


VMT -1220 hm

抛物线; hatch mount

12 in.; 30.5 cm


276.5 lb.; 125.4 kg

950 W


VMT - 1220 he


12 in.; 30.5 cm

55.5 lb.; 25.2 kg

476 W


VMT - 1820 la

抛物线; tail or fuselage mount

18 in.; 45.7 cm

50 lb.; 22.7kg

480 W


Global connectivity and enhanced capabilities you can trust

When you install one of Viasat’s Ku-band airborne terminals onto your aircraft, you are delivering game-changing capabilities to your warfighters 包括:

  • Actionable intelligence to improve mission success and reduce time to action
  • Increased situational awareness and multi-domain battlespace visibility


Digitized graphic of a UH-60 flying over military tents
Viasat ku波段卫星通信覆盖图

Power your Ku terminal with Viasat VGnet service

Pair our Best Available Network (BAN) with our Ku airborne terminals to enable aircraft of all sizes to stay connected no matter where their mission takes them. 在我们的ku波段网络上运行, VGNet, the terminals provide plenty of bandwidth to platforms to power two-way broadband and mission critical capabilities. 


Looking for more information on our Ku-band terminals? 请告诉我们您的需求.

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